Backstage w/Jamie Foxx….

With an AMA to go akong with his Oscar, Golden Globe and God knows what other wards, an upbeat Jamie Foxx came backstage in the mood to chat. “The music is really what I hold close to my heart.” Then he was asked about former “Seinfeld” star Michael Richards racist rant last weekend at a comedy ckub in LA: “Don’t EVEN ruin my vibe right now,” Jamie said.
But, he continued: “I would’ve gone on stage, taken the mic from him to say, ‘You need to take a nap because there’s something going on insiide of you…It’s sad to see something see something so ugly come out like that.”
Foxx co-stars in the upcoming film version of “Dreamgirls” and is enthused about co-stars Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and especially Eddie Murphy.
“Eddie Murphy ios back! E, where you been? He’s been with animals and bears in kids movies and now he’s back with the grown-ups and he’s dangerous again!”

Dad of the year: Billy Ray Cyrus

The muswic scene is not exactly my forte, ok? Once ya get past The Eagles, U2 and Cher, I’m lost. So when Billy Ray Cyrus and his lovely daughter Milie were standing about a foot away on the red carpet, I said to the girl next to me, “Who is that?” Then I find out it’s Billy Ray Cyrus who, of course, I have heard of. But it’s his daughter who is the bigger record seller these days with a number one CD. She is better known as “Hannah Montana” I’m told and she has given her proud daddy the rare privledge of having a daughter who has joined her father in topping the charts. The others? Frank and Nancy Sinatra and Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.

Grohl & Tenacious D: Get a Hose

can someone explain the attraction of both of thse acts? both foo fighter dave grohl and the members of tenacious d look like they badly need a shower. the dirtbag look was great during grunge. today it just seems like skid row has moved a couple of miles south to the shrine. jack black even pointed to his own booty during his band’s instantly forgettable performance.

jamie foxx & dixie chicks

oscar-winner jamie foxx called himself a “young pup,” new to the music awards show. he gives a shout-out to managers, friends, biz partners and his “biological mother,” which must’ve upset all the nonbiological mothers that claim him.
sharon stone and christian slater hit the podium next to bring out the dixie chicks, whose dour ballad had some of us thinking about enlisting – if only they’d ship us out out of the country soon. who cares about their politcs? they’re boring.

The Mario Lopez express hits the AMAs

Less than a week after his upset loss on “Dancing With The Stars” to Emmett Smith, Mario Lopez just left the backstage area where he chatted w/us media folks. Lopez intorduced an act on the show but I forget who so be sure and tune in at 8 p.m. on ABC. Mario strolled down the red carpet with his dancing partner from the show (forget her name) says he’s been going non-stop since the finale going to New York then to Vegas now at the AMAs then to Texas to visit family.
“I’m a hyper guy anyway,” Mario sez. “I like moving fast. If I stay still, I get myself into trouble.” Mario says he was happy for Emmett (yeah, sure) and says he is being approached about doing a Broadway musical. We know he can dance but “I don’t know about my singing.”

flava & pop rock male artist

“isn’t he beautiful?” flava flave turned up on stage in a big crib and the camera cuts to a heavy-lidded snoop dogg, cackling his bling off. flave slipped off stage as fast as he appeared.
pop/rock male artist award goes right to sean paul, in his first american music award. hair in cornrows, satiny waistcoat and sunglasses, paul held the plastic obelisk in his right hand and spoke in a strange mix of bronx and kingston, jamaica. which fits because his music is a mix of rap and jamaica’s dancehall sound.

AMA-red hot chili wins

red hot chili peppers, on tour in europe, took the trophy for pop/rock band with vocal. band was reached by vid in london where three members monkeyed around for the camera. they seemed more alive than they did a few months ago when the group was dead on arrival at one of the worst big shows of the year at staples center. maybe british food and draught guinness has lived up these peppers .


so far, the best performance of the night is jay-z, the label prez and rapper whose new album is days away from being released. jay’s improved as a performer since taking over the executive suite at one of the top labels. the crowd was dancing as much as they could at their seats. jay might have the rap album of the year by all reports.