Matthew Perry’s a happy man

I’m not a name dropper (ha!), but I was just talking to Matthew Perry. Well, sorta. I was standing next to the TV reporter from “Access Hollywood” intervewing Matthew and I think at one point Matthew looked at me as he was talking to the other dude.
i-1822a52bbae9178327377981eab372d0-aperry.jpgAnyway, Matthew told “us” that he had text-messaged his “Live on the Sunset Strip” co-star Sarah Paulsen about her nomination during the break they had between the first and second batch of announcements. Matthew wasn’t nominated for “Strip” but he could console himself for a nod for “The Ron Clark Story” which aired on Lifetime.
“I’m thrilled. I’m happy,” Perry said. “It’s very nice to get a nomination this early in the morning, or in the afternoon or evening!”
He said “you get warned” by the Foreign Press Assn. peeps that just because you have been asked to read the nominations, it by no means is any kind of indication that you will be nominated. “They even tell youj, it doesn’t mean anything.”
Of the role, he says: “It was an interesting challenge. I’ve never played a real person before. He’s a great guy.”
Of Pauseln, he said: “She’s one happy chick!”

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