Superstar supporting category!

There are 13 more categories to go (they are breaking for the network morning shows) so some first impressions: best supporting actor in a movie category is a doozy! Five superstars looking for a Globe wins. Get this: Jack Nicholson in “The Departed,” Brad Pitt for “Babel,” Ben Affleck for “Hollywoodland,” Eddie Murphy for “Dreamgirls” and Mark Wahlberg for “The Departed.”

Golden Globe predictions…

Just chatted up awards guru Tom O’Neill who shared with me some of his thoughts on what might be happening here in less than an hour. He thinks it’s a lock that “Dreamgirls” will get the most nominations of any movie. The all-time record is “Nashville” which had nine nods in the 1970s. “Dreamgirls” is helped by the Globes division of categories: drama and musical or comedy. Tom says Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy are shoo-ins.
He also thinks the Foreign Press Association will nominate Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” for foreign film: “Some voters are saying they want to be the ones to bring Mel back. Everyone loves the comeback.”
OK, they are gonna start the first batch of nominations…see ya in a few.

Golden Globe noms: the giddy anticipation

Here I am at the Beverly Hilton Hotel inside a ballroom where the worldwide media is setting up in anticipation of the big announcements. I’m just happy they are serving bagels and lox and hot coffee. What more do I need at 5 a.m.? Well, maybe about five hours more sleep!
The room is buzzing with excitement. I’m checking out some of the better-known TV personalities here and, well, some of them are lookin a little scary. Pat OBrien of “The Insider” is sitting at the same table as “Entertainment Tonight” host Mark Steines. Let’s just say there’s a reason why Mark is married to a former Miss America. He looks fresh as a daisy. Pat, well, notsomuch. There’s a dude here from “Extra” whose name I can’t recall but the bags under his eyes are so big that I could pack for a two-week trip to Europe in them.
Meanwhile, I look terrific! Ha!
So, the stars who will be announcing the nominations are Jessicai Beil, Matthew Perry and the Rosario Dawson. I’m gonna go wander around a bit to see if I can come up with a semi-interesting tidbit or two before the announcements.
p.s. You would not BELIEVE how much some people are eating. You’d think they’d never had free food before!

Blige Thanks Her Higher Power

blige, the top nominee with eight nods, is one well put-together broad. looking nice in a pants suit, with all her moving parts on display, she handled the gauntlet of TV on her path to her limo with practiced professionalism. we got her briefly. she’s been through all this many times before.

“mary j. blige is gonna keep doin’ what i’m doin’,” she burbled. “wow! it’s like ‘people, i’m deep with humility and gratefulness.’ ”

nearby, a dark-suited fellow shouts into his cell fone: “we need some security in here.”

may j. is plenty secure.

Blige and Rae Score

mary j., coming off nine billboard music award wins last week, and two american music awards trophies before that, was nominated for song and record of the year, the same categories as corinne bailey rae. blige apparently is up for eight awards this year.

there will be no catfight in february on CBS. these gals are too calm for that.

Dressing to Impress

it took an hour of hot air, but the nominations ordeal finally began when presenters ludacris, rascal flatts, kt tunstall we like HER), james blunt, corinne bailey rae, chris brown, amy lee, justin timberlake and mary j. blige were brought on stage at the music box, the down-at-the-heels theater on hollywood boulevard.

most presenters looked like their luggage was lost on the flight over. dirty jeans and uncombed hair for the boys seemed to be the order of the day. of course, the look was intentional. blunt looked like the homeless guys outside.

girls were much better. tunstall was the most appealing in a nice black outfit.

Bring on the Grammys

it became clear after the first 15 minutes of the billboard music awards that nobody very good turned up in fear of being blacklisted from the grammy telecast.
so the billboards was reduced to gwen stefani on career rebound trying to make yodeling cool, a bunch of 10th rate rappers grabbing their crotches, some band called nickelback whose music nobody on the planet has knowingly heard, and a big wrap-up that embalmed a member of ’70s frat boy favorites ZZ Top along with other fogettables.
the only thing missing was john mayer — but he’s playing through eternity on a Direct TV free channel that’s causing me to consider going back to cable.
OK, we’re ready for the grammys. back to drawing table, billboard. time for (another) redesign. BORING!

Courtney Love Go Home

why can’t courtney love just go somewhere and enjoy all that nirvana money? thank of all the great dope she could do in the privacy of a nice cozy house somewhere with a nanny to take care of the kid and regular booty calls from cute tatted-up rock boys.
so when she showed up boringly sober and in disappointing control of herself at the awards, she bored everyone out of their skulls. reading the teleprompter just like all the rest, she revealed her one gteat telent – reading ability. she made no mistakes. this media creation is nothing if not a VERY GOOD READER.
kids, don’t be courtney, but learn to read as well as she has.