Backstage with “The Class”

I love the CBS sitcom “The Class” and how cool that it won the award for favorite new comedy series. The entire cast was there. I earlier had noted that Neil Patrick Harris was absent. Of COURSE he was! He’s on “How I Met Your Mother” after all. They air back-to-back so cut me some slack, mmmkay?
So, Jason Ritter who had threatened to sing the nominated songs when he waq presenting, was asked to sing his acceptance speech backstage. He didn’t hesitate. Jason grabbed the microphone and sang a silly song of thanks. The song was silly but the voice, not bad.
I asked the actress, whose name I do not know, but she plays the girl with two casts on her legs on the show, how it felt to be able to show the world on this night that she does have some great gams!
“I have felt restricted,” she said. “It’s nice to have mobility and energy!”

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