Backstage w/the cast of Two and a Half Men…

I thin k the technical glitches have been solved. Check home page for some postings you might have missed. Anyway, the cast of “Two and a HalfMen” was just back here, the whole cast. Charlie Sheen looks clean and sober and was quite funny in whispering an answer into his young co-stars ear when he was asked what he had learned from Sheen and Jon Cryer who play his undle and father, respectively.
“Cryer Everything I know,” he said.”Every brilliant moment I’ve had came directly from Jon or Charlie.”
Cryer was informed that the show is enormously popular in Argentina: “I met the guy who dubs my voice into Spanish and he looks like me!”
I was happy to see Conchata Farrell who is one of the funniest actresses on television. She plays the very sassy housekeeper on the show.

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