Ellen backstage…

Backstage, favorite talk show host and funniest female star winner
Ellen DeGeneres refused to weigh into the fracas involving Rosie
O’Donnell and Donald Trump: “I have no comment, I’m not getting
involved with that. I’m not diving into that pool.”
Then she was asked if she had any advice for troubled Britney Spears:
“Me? Help Britney? I’m still trying to help myself. She’s gonna do
what she’s gonna do until she’s ready to do something else.”
DeGeneres, who will be hosting the Academy Awards, had praise for
Queen Latifah’s performance as host so far: “Queen’s doing a great
job. She’s so natural at everything she does…I love her.” Then she
added: “What if I said I didn’t [like her]? That would be terrible,
wouldn’t it?”

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