Greetings from the People’s Choice Awards!!!

I think if you’re ANYONE who has a tuxedo or an evening gown, you can actually be announced on the red carpet and have a buncha pictures taken because so far, the first three performers are people I have never heard of! Very well-dressed people, yes. But, neverheardofem.
The first is a singer named JP. Huh? Then one named Bettina. Don’t ring a bell. And finally, Joanna. I guess no one here is famous enoiugh to have a last name!
The fourth person is someone I’ve actually HEARD of: Alan Dale of “Ugly Betty.” He plays the father of the hapless magazine editor who is Betty’s boss.
As for the TV infotainment personalities, I vaguely recognize some but the only really household name here is…Pat O’Brien!!! Pat looks very tan and very thin. Actually a little too thin.
I’m gonna go take him a cookie or something. Will check back in a bit.

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