Red carpet observations….

It pays to show up early to the People’s Choice Awards. The cast of “How I Met Your Mother” (minus Neil Patrick Harris) are being treated like the Beatles right now. “Jason! Jason! This way!” Jason Ritter is sort of the Paul McCartney of the group. His hair is terrific, he’s wearing a black tux, black tux and black tie. I’m sure his socks are also black but I’m just not gonna ask. If you watch the show, the girl who has two broken legs and has been in a wheelchair with two giant casts on since the show debuted, has great LEGS! I’ve seen ’em.
About the or four members of the cast of “Heroes” are here but since I never watch it, I’ve got no idea who they are! Sorry.
But Rob Morrow, star of CBS’ “Numbers” is here and I remember HIM from “Northern Exposure.” And a group called Rascall Flats is here too. People are going crazy. I’ve drawn a blank.
And, I gotta be a little catty: Cojo from “Entertainment Tonight” is sipping a Diet Coke and having make-up applied. The hair. It’s very Meg Ryan when she did that movie with Andy Garcia, when she was a big drunk.
back in a bit!

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