Almost showtime!

Oh, what I’ve been through. Total techical nightmare that required me to dictate my red carpet ramblings to a very patient Armando Hernandez who I work with. He was great! Now I’m in a dimly lit deadline room (cannot see a bloody thing!) getting ready for this thing to get going!
Before leaving the red carpet, in one eyeful, I saw Mary Tyler Moore getting ohotgraphed by te throngs of photogs, Megan Mullally standing nearby beaming. Maybe she didn’t want to do that damned talk show anymore anyway! And Julie Andrews is a few feet away from Mary. It’s a a “Thoroughly Modern Millie” reunion! All they need is Carol Channing!
Some Grey’s Anatomy stars like Sara Ramirez and Katherine Heigl did interviews but Ellen Pompeo just posed for pics as far as I could see and Sandra Oh and Patrick Depmsey sailed by fan and press. T.R. Knight is here tho! Good for him. No sign of Isaiah Washington, he’s still in “gayhab.”
OK, show is starting!!!

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