TV movie actress winner is….Helen Mirren!

She’s gonna need a new room in her house just for her trophies won this year alone. She has won for “Elizabeth I.” Said tis means more to her than any other coming from actors (pul-eeze, the Oscar won’t b e chopped liver!). She looks stunning tonight, totaql babe, especially for a 61 year old woman. Poor Annette Benning, so good in “Mrs. Harris,” loses to Mirren. First category also featured nominee Shirley Jones who was among those who opened the telling early actor stories. She has had her SAG card for 53 years! Cloris Leachman, 80, was also nominated in a stellar category. Both Jones and Leachman may have lost, but they have Oscars on their shelves at home to make cheer them up!

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