Movie supporting actor winner: Eddie Murphy!!!

Eddie is REALLY the Oscar front-runner now.
He took the stage and said: “What a tremendous honors to be regonzied for ones peers. I’ve been acting for 25 years now,” he said in a faux British accent. Then he started laughing. Eddie said when the Brits (like Mirren and Jeremy Irons) accept their trophies, “they are so smooth. I feel goofy up here. Thank you Bill Condon for directing and putting me in your wonderful movie.”

Advanced seminar

Jeremy Irons and Helen Mirren held forth backstage on the differences between British actors and Americans, that being the Brits’ solid background in stage work and American actors’ gifts for playing to the camera, and the often confusing distinctions between lead and supporting roles. Can I get college credit for this?
Mirren does sound more than a tad bitter, though, about the fact that all the awards recognition for “The Queen” has come from this side of the pond, not her home turf. Is the wrath of the real Elizabeth that frightening that BAFTA fears retribution for supporting a film that does not entirely flatter the queen?
Seems she would prefer to win “the mother of all film awards,” the Oscar, than accept an invitation to tea at Buckingham Palace anyway.

Mary Tyler Moore show cast presents comedy ensemble…to “The Office”

Who cares about the winner? The presenters are MTM, Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner, Gavin Mcleod, Betty White and Gorgia Engel. Wow! Mary said, “The gang’s all here!” They got a prolonged and heartfelt standing ovation. I love Mary. I could cry.
Steve Carell said as he got the trophy from Mary:”This is quite an honor having these people present this to us. I was craining my neck,’Oh my God! Oh there she is!'”
“It’s truly a great honor and we will treasure this.”

Comedy categories: Globe winners Baldwin and Ferrera win again!

Alec Baldwin won for “30 Rock” as he did a few weeks ago at the Globe. He said: “This is a real honor. I’m really proud to be a member of this union.”

America Ferrera, who won for “Ugly Betty,” was far more composed than at the Globes when she cried a lot. This time she said to the star-studded audience: “I look out and see faces that have moved me and inspired me my entire life.”

One for America!

“Ugly Betty” star America Ferrara is getting the statues to go with all the critical kudos and ratings. She was every bit as classy in her acceptance speech as Betty is unpolished. “We share a common knowledge of struggle and rejection and success,” she said of her fellow SAG members. Sweet and on point.

Such a gent

Can’t believe Jeremy Irons claims he feels like “a plumber” whenever he arrives on a set. Even though he blew his opening joke (and will never be cast as a New Yorker because of his accent skills), he can show the room a thing or two about genuine race in an acceptance speech.
If you’re keeping score, that’s Brits 2, USA 0.

Helen gets her first

Mirren has just scored her first award of the night for HBO’s “Elizabeth I.” And she’s the odds-on favorite for her performance as Elizabeth II in the feature “The Queen.” If (or when) she wins her second award of the night, it’ll be the first dual win for playing British monarchs named Elizabeth. It’s the kind of record baseball statisticians just love.

TV movie actress winner is….Helen Mirren!

She’s gonna need a new room in her house just for her trophies won this year alone. She has won for “Elizabeth I.” Said tis means more to her than any other coming from actors (pul-eeze, the Oscar won’t b e chopped liver!). She looks stunning tonight, totaql babe, especially for a 61 year old woman. Poor Annette Benning, so good in “Mrs. Harris,” loses to Mirren. First category also featured nominee Shirley Jones who was among those who opened the telling early actor stories. She has had her SAG card for 53 years! Cloris Leachman, 80, was also nominated in a stellar category. Both Jones and Leachman may have lost, but they have Oscars on their shelves at home to make cheer them up!

Almost showtime!

Oh, what I’ve been through. Total techical nightmare that required me to dictate my red carpet ramblings to a very patient Armando Hernandez who I work with. He was great! Now I’m in a dimly lit deadline room (cannot see a bloody thing!) getting ready for this thing to get going!
Before leaving the red carpet, in one eyeful, I saw Mary Tyler Moore getting ohotgraphed by te throngs of photogs, Megan Mullally standing nearby beaming. Maybe she didn’t want to do that damned talk show anymore anyway! And Julie Andrews is a few feet away from Mary. It’s a a “Thoroughly Modern Millie” reunion! All they need is Carol Channing!
Some Grey’s Anatomy stars like Sara Ramirez and Katherine Heigl did interviews but Ellen Pompeo just posed for pics as far as I could see and Sandra Oh and Patrick Depmsey sailed by fan and press. T.R. Knight is here tho! Good for him. No sign of Isaiah Washington, he’s still in “gayhab.”
OK, show is starting!!!