Bakersfield 7, Reign 0.

The Condors raced out to an early lead, got some resistance in the second, then pulled away late to record their first shutout since opening night in Bakersfield — also against the Reign.

This time it was Tyler Sims who earned the shutout, a 26-save effort that included a few beauties when the Reign managed to pressure the net. But Bakersfield enjoyed most of the scoring chances, outshooting Ontario 41-26 and sending the Reign to their largest margin of defeat this season.

Curtis Darling got the start for the third time in as many days, but was pulled after allowing five goals on 28 shots in just over 44 minutes. Mike Zacharias finished and allowed two goals on 13 shots.

More details in tomorrow’s editions of the Sun and Daily Bulletin.

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  • EB

    WOW. I really don’t know what else to say.

  • IE Sports Fan

    WOW is right, tell me again why I purchased season tickets to watch a team that’s completely outplayed almost every night (and appear to have already given up)… oh thats right, its so I have first shot at all the amazing concerts (and/or other activities) at the Bank!! ROFLMAO

    I had such high hopes for the future of the Bank and the Ontario Reign… but in year two of operation, it’s apparent to me (and several others)that neither is truely committed to the fan and/or success!

    Unfortunately, with the chatter I hear around the Bank… both AEG and the Reign are going to be in for a big surprise next season when renewal comes around.

    Unless they drop prices, drastically improve this team, and get some descent concerts… we’ll spend our money elsewhere. Then I’ll wish you good luck in selling our tickets to all the thug shows (RAP & MMA), disney on ice, or whatever other no names you’re able to have perform.

  • EB

    After two years of operations, it will be an interesting off season for Coach Karl (I know a shake up is needed, but I don’t think it will involve Karl just yet) and Justin Kemp. With a brand new arena, an incredible fan base (aren’t we #2 in the league in attendance?) and an ideal geographical location, recruiting highly talented players should be “somewhat” of a breeze. After hosting the All-Star game this year, it’s not like Karl has to do a lot of selling to get young talent interested in Ontario.
    But part of me, believes that Karl isn’t interesting in a perennial goal scorer if it means that the person will give up on the defensive end (remember Adam Hendrich?) Karl made his complaints well known in the papers regarding Adam. And yet, a goal scorer (or two) is what we sorely need right now, and a group of guys who will show up to play 60 minutes and not just the last minute of the game. Pathetic.

  • Mike

    A few random thoughts from the peanut gallery. I think there are a few things affecting the boys this year.

    1. The loss of our #1 goalie, and a few of our “scorers” to the AHL. I’m happy for them, but it is bittersweet. The players we have in their place have potential, but the chemistry is flat.

    2. The INSANE schedule that we were dealt! The boys look tired.

    3. I think we also have a case of the sophomore blues. Winning the division last year left us with lofty goals for this year. I think that eats at the fans (and players) when things do go the way we expected.

    4. The boys look like they have an identity crisis: offensive or defensive team? A defensive team does not give up 47 SOG!

    5. Finally, we as fans can’t get our act together. We can’t even get a simple chant going. Sure one section will get loud…to get a free T-shirt or some other bribe. For those that have traveled to other arenas in the league, you know of what I speak.

    There is recent turmoil in the fan base, and that is going to disband us faster than anything! I have no problem letting a player know that I saw their bad play. I also have no problem praising good plays. Trust me, they hear me.

    We will continue to support the boys…I am a lifelong Kings fan, so this is nothing new! I believe the team next year will have a different look, but what about staying behind them this year??? Go Reign

  • IE Sports Fan

    I agree, except his “So-Called” defense first concept hasn’t worked at all this season (7-0 todays game?).

    I’ve been paying close attention to the players on the bench the last few home games, and they look like a bunch of players that have lost faith in this system and their coach.

    As this game is played as much between the ears, as on the ice… I fear we are doomed if they have had their spirit broken and have already given up.

    I know they say Defense wins championships in Football, but not sure about that concept in hockey. I do know it makes for some VERY boring games and as evident by our record… not much success!

  • Crossbar

    January 5, 2010–Coach Taylor, as reported in The Sun: “It’s not panic time yet, but we have to start winning some games.”

    Uh, coach, you seem like a nice enough guy, and . . . well . . . I hate to break the bad news to ya’, but since that quote appeared, the team is 5-11, and it’s been outscored 55-36. Now, I don’t know what you have up your sleeve, if anything, but that red button over there in the corner . . . yeah, that one. Contrary to popular opinion and the advertising you’ve probably been seeing on TV lately, it’s not for office supplies.

    Time to radio the Carpathia and shoot the distress flares; we’re going down fast. Two shutouts in three games (7-0 to Bakersfield and 5-0 vs Stockton) is not, repeat not, a good sign.
    . . . – – – . . .

    C’mon boys, let’s get this ship righted!

    Go Reign! 🙂

  • Crossbar


    I share your sentiments, as sweater #25 hasn’t worked out all that well this year (i.e., Adam Henrich and Jon Landry. Peralta’s been okay thus far, though.)

    In Coach Taylor’s defense, however, I think trading Henrich was the right move, for if I recall correctly, despite his offensive skills, he was subsequently suspended by the Cyclones after just two games post trade from the Reign. (He’s now playing in Germany for the DEL Hamburg Freezers.) And Landry was miffed at being asked to play forward in an attempt to add some punch on offense. So while defense comes first in Taylor’s scheme, he’s at least willing to try changing things up a bit in an effort to score more goals, even if it pisses his players off.

    But you’re absolutely right about their needing another goal scorer. It’s too bad they couldn’t have signed someone like Mark Derlago, who’s on track for his third straight 30-goal season. Oh well . . . .

  • DISAPPOINTED SeasonTicketHolder

    IMO We do need some offensive punch but we are giving up 40+ shots a game and only taking 25ish per game. We will NOT win when they opponent gets 15+ more shots a game. Not to mention most of our D is afraid to use their body to lay down some pain on the attacking forwards.
    Martens, Germain and Starlings should be top D men in this league yet are too timid.
    When was the last time you saw a Reign player go down to block a pass or shot ? I can’t remember either.
    I LOVE what O’Conner, McEwan and Pearce bring to the team passion wise they cannot carry this team. Fransisco has to step up and knock some heads around to get the players to play with PRIDE ADN PASSION, its just not there right now.

    Poor Darling hes getting peppered all night every night and no one on the ice seems to care. I often wonder if the fans care more about the outcome than the players.

    Look at the bright side things can only get better.

  • EB

    I agree with you both Mike and “Disappointed”—you can’t be a defensive-minded team and still allow 40+ shots. You just can’t. You’re right, the Reign is missing an identity. I know Karl preaches defense first, but the D-men need to step up and give the goalies a break. No “real” blame should go to them when they are faced with so many shot, coupled with not enough offensive goals to help out. *Pressing the PANIC button*

    Something needs to be done to make the rest of this season competitive. Honestly, I’m not asking for wins, just 60 minutes of strong hockey from our boys—go out, play hard, and be competitive. I want opposing teams to fear playing in our arena. I’m disgusted to believe that they can just come in and take over. Saturday night you could tell the Thunder players were having a good time. Did anyone notice the Kiss Cam? Those boys were having fun. They shouldn’t be having fun here. If we were dominating them, they wouldn’t have considered “kissing” each other. (Although I did appreciate them being good sports about it.)

  • Bob Terry

    So I’m no expert, but I have been going to Kings games since 1979, so I have just one “keen” observation. Has anyone else noticed that we have absolutely no concept of a power play? We either dump and chase or just shoot “willy-nilly” without anyone in front of the net or taking the time to set up a real “big-boy” play. If I’m wrong, let me know…we’ll talk it over a $10.00 beer and try to come up with a plan.

  • FAN

    According to someone who is in contact with former players from last year who still keep in contact with some players this year, the problem with the team started when coach karl picked the captain and alternates not the players. Some players did not like that. I agree with EB on the thunder players. They were having fun. It is so sad because we still lead the league in attendance avg. The problem could also be of a mixture of too many vetran players on one team.I hope they can finish the season on a good winning streak. Dont like all the negative signs popping up at the arena.

  • EB

    Bob, your observations are correct. I mentioned the same thing on a different post. That 5-min major they had was just awful. They were never able to settle the puck and set-up offensively…and oh, you can get a $2 dollar beer at the “Crossbar” if you arrive early. At least I was able to at the All-Star game.

  • Crossbar

    I know hockey players can be a very superstitious lot (e.g., not touching the conference trophies, going unshaven during the playoffs, etc.), so it was with some interest that I took note of yesterday’s press release concerning the latest player to wear the “lucky” number 25 for the team this year: Sal Peralta (traded to Toledo for future considerations). It left me wondering if Trainer Bobby Walls shouldn’t just “retire” the number until the end of the season in hopes of finding something to help turn the team’s fortunes around. Henrich, Landry (had three assists last night for Kalamazoo), and now Peralta–what do ya’ say we just set the number aside for awhile and see what transpires. (Don’t laugh, we beat Idaho 4-1 last night, didn’t we. Still way too many Reign making their way to the Sin Bin to suit me, but hey–a win’s a win, and we picked up some ground on LV to boot.) Let’s go, Reign!

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