Germain’s season is over.

Defenseman Shawn Germain will have surgery on his ailing left wrist, ending his season. The news comes at a bad time for the Reign, who are in the midst of a three-game losing streak and coming off their most lopsided loss ever, 7-0 to Bakersfield.

But Germain said the severity of the injury could compromise his long-term health if it’s not corrected immediately. Plenty of details in tomorrow’s editions of the Sun and Daily Bulletin.

Here are some quotes that didn’t make the paper …


It’s been back and forth. I’ve been debating it for a long time. I have known that I’ve needed surgery the entire season. This past weekend it got to a point where I lost some feeling in a couple of my fingers, and I decided enough’s enough. I don’t want long-term damage for the rest of my life. I don’t want to wreck anything. I’m trying to decide for the long term. The situation we’re in, trying to make playoffs, makes it even tougher.

It’s my bottom hand, my left hand, which is even worse. If it was my top hand, it wouldn’t be a problem, I don’t think. Shooting and everything, that’s the worst part.

(On when he expects to have the surgery): I’m guessing within the next couple weeks. We’ve got tests to do, as far as a nerve test to see why I’m losing the feeling, then bloodwork.

(On the timetable): Originally I was told that after surgery I’ll be in a cast for six weeks, then I heard it’s about five months of rehab after, so about 6 months. Hopefully (2010 training camp) is the case. Hoping toward Septemeber, early October.

(When the injury actually got to the point it is now): I can’t really say, you’re going through so many plays. There’s been some slashes the past couple weeks. I don’t know if that was pushing on the nerve. There was a burning sensation the next morning. That’s gone away, but the numbness ws still there. It could have been a culmination of everything.

(What was the longest injury you’ve had before this?) Oh gosh, two weeks. I hurt my knee a few times. It was about two weeks both times that I took off. This will be, I’ve never really been injured bad, never had to have surgery as far as hockey. The only game I took off last season [because of the wrist] was the last game of the season in Bakersfield, before the seaon ended, because we had already locked up first place. Then I missed two games right before the All-Star break [this year] because it was bad. I was in a cast to see if it calmed down. It seemed to work, but when I came back it inflamed again.

(How long will you stay in Ontario?) I’m going to stick around until the end of the season. It’s tough being at the rink every day, that’s for sure, knowing you’re not playing anymore. I still love being around the guys.

Jon Francisco:

We’re definitely missing a solid d-man. He’s a steady guy for us back there. He’s definitely going to be missed. It’s a moment in the season when somebody else needs to step up. that’s part of the game — guys go down, guys get called up. That’s pro hockey for you. One guy goes down, another guy has to step in his place. We’re lokoing for somebody to step in his place. He’s got a good pulse. He’s definitely going to be missed. We just have to move forward. You need to let guys fall in their place. You don’t want guys to push it too hard. They have to play their game. Somebody will step in.

Chad Starling:

Any time anybody goes down it’s a big factor and he’s a big part of the team. He’s played hurt all year. He tried to do as much as he could, but his hands and fingers were getting numb. It wasn’t a good situation, he’s got to get it fixed. He’s a big leader on our team. We have other guys that can lead too and step up. It’s hockey. Guys get injured. You’ve got to move on. We’ve got to try to fix the season. We had a bad weekend last weekend. We can’t worry about somebody that’s not in the lineup — you’ve got to move on and try to do a little bit more.

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    Hey JP… any rumors floating around regarding trades/roster moves with this recent development?

    Hoping we can add some much needed offensive punch, as well as strengthen our defense after the loss of Germain.

    Everyone seems to think there’s a deep pool of talent out there and So.Cal (Ontario) is a somewhat desirable place to play… so whats the hold-up? lol

  • J.P. Hoornstra

    The hold-up has nothing to do with Southern California, and everything to do with the time of the season. Teams that are doing well don’t want to trade players who are doing well, and no teams are completely out of the playoff picture (except possibly the Johnstown Chiefs in the American Conference).

    So yes, there’s a deep pool of talent but there’s also a bunch of very cautious general managers out there. Karl Taylor said he is “trying hard” to make a deal and that “we need to change our team,” but until one of those GMs agrees to a deal, the answer will have to come from within the current locker room.

  • Mike

    Sad to hear. I hope Shawn is able to get back to 100%. Maybe the Kings organization would like to help us out…Colton Tubert comes to mind!

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