Zemlak traded to Kalamazoo, Lombardi cut.

The Reign’s roster is set, and Kellen Briggs and Martin Jones are the goalies.

Goaltender Garrett Zemlak and forward Daniel Lombardi were not on the Reign’s opening-day roster submitted to the ECHL today, giving the Reign 20 players in advance of Friday’s regular-season opener in Stockton. Zemlak was traded to the Kalamazoo Wings for future considerations, and Lombardi was released from his pro tryout.

Here’s what Karl Taylor had to say about the goalie scenario:

“We traded (Mike) Zacharias to Idaho, and we don’t want to see him at
all, but he’s really going to try to stick it to us when he gets the
chance. It was a good opportunity for a good young man, and we’re not
going to hold back someone’s career. We had four goalies, we had to make
a decision. We like the guys we have. We really wanted to find those
other guys homes and we were able to do that. I’m happy that they’re on a
team and will have a place to play.

“It’s really tough becauase we didn’t expect to have four guys. But then
(Erik) Ersberg cleared waivers and that bumped Jonesy (when Ersberg was assigned to Manchester). We were hoping that
tomorrow something doesn’t change, then I only have one guy. We’ve seen
that happen before. It’s the nature of the league and the business. We
try to do our best to make a decision, getting all our information we
can. It’s hard. We evaluated Mike on his play last year, plus his play
in camp. With Garrett, it’s what I saw in summer camps plus his play in
the Kings’ camp, then here. We felt with Kellen and also having Jonesy
as a young guy, having a veteran-type guy to support him would be a good
situation to help Martin’s development as well. So that’s kind of how
we got through the process.

“Lombardi worked really hard for us. He’s a great kid. A little bit undersized (listed at 5-foot-9), lots of energy, but we just felt that he wasn’t going to be able to crack our lineup this year.”

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  • Crossbar

    Karl made the right call IMO with respect to his goaltending tandem. Glad to also see that Chaz Johnson made the opening day roster. Team looks revamped and ready to go.

    Let’s go, Reign!

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