24-hour art: Daniel Buren’s ‘A Rainbow in the Sky’ at shifting One Colorado in Pasadena



Another large-scale public art installation is on display in the One Colorado Courtyard, and it is already garnering a lot of attention from the media and public since it went on display over the weekend.

The installation is presented by One Colorado, Armory
Center for the Arts
, and FLAX, a Los Angeles-based foundation
dedicated to fostering a cultural exchange with France
through the arts.

“A Rainbow in the Sky” is the second display in that space for French contemporary Daniel Buren. (The installation follows his 2007 work “A Colored Square in the Sky.”)

In between the Buren displays, the courtyard was home to Yoko Ono’s equally popular and interactive “Wish Trees” in 2008.


There’s a lot of change going on in the One Colorado complex right now, with a couple arts projects taking up residence there and general retail fluctuations. The old Gordon Biersch is still vacant, but several new stores — including Dot’s Cupcakes and Jumping Jellyfish — are moving into the complex.

You can get a sense of the transition in the photo at right. Shadows from the “Rainbow” installation dance on the ground, while construction crews work on the Gold Class Cinemas that is expected to open in December.

(Photos by Walt Mancini)

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