Pasadena Jazz Institute says farewell to Paseo Colorado, searches for new joint



Pasadena Weekly has the details on Pasadena Jazz Institute‘s move from the Paseo Colorado mall to … well, somewhere.

“… on Saturday, following performances by the eight-piece band The Big
, the PJI’s lease expires, forcing (owner Paul) Lines to close up shop and look
for another location.”

After three years of music-making in the massive restaurant space that used to house Delmonico’s Seafood Grill, Paseo’s management has found a permanent tenant, reports Andr Coleman in the Weekly.

“The space, slated to become a banquet hall after Lines and company
leave, was certainly roomy enough, but the increased wait time for
drinks and appetizers produced a financially detrimental domino effect:
Customers unhappy with waiting left smaller tips, which brought
turnover among bar staff, resulting in less rapport developing with
bartenders and servers, all ending with fewer customers.”

But first, there’s this weekend’s mini-farewell tour:

Friday, “Come To A Jazz Party,” with performances by five bands: Elizabeth Lamers, The Bill Watrous Quartet, The Matt Falker Trio, The San Gabriel 7 and Nick Mancini Collective. Music starts at 6 p.m.

The Big Pill will headline Saturday’s final-ever show — the true requiem for Pasadena’s jazz dream.

Cost is $10 at both events. Think of it as a memorial offering.

Pasadena Jazz Institute, Paseo Colorado, 280 E. Colorado Blvd., Ste. 206, but not for long. (626) 398-3344

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8 thoughts on “Pasadena Jazz Institute says farewell to Paseo Colorado, searches for new joint

  1. Read yelp if you want to get a better understanding of Paul’s mismanagement skills. There are lots of other places to hear live jazz in Pasadena. No great loss.

  2. I just wanted to comment on the statement “there are lots of other places to hear live jazz in Pasadena. No great loss. BULL… There is nothing in Pasadena to fill the void left with the departure of the PJI at Paseo. We did extraordinary shows. It was a showroom featuring the finest artists in the world on a nightly basis.The order of importance was MUSIC/ Drinks/ Food in that order. What you are left with is “background music” in a restaurant. No need to pay any attention to the musicians while you chew on your steak. We had a temporary lease (30 days and out) for three years. I started with $6,000 on November 26th, 2006 and made it happen for 3 years. I am very proud of what we accomplished. You try it! I’m not done yet. After a month of R & R, I’ll be back stronger than ever.

  3. We hope you hit the ground running Paul. We loved everything about the place, most importantly though, the music. And, like you mentioned, in the end, that’s what it’s all about. I hope you kept the mailing list, and plan to stay in touch! Looking forward to whatever you come up with next!

  4. Just because you think that music should come first it doesn’t mean that people with money who will keep the place open will think the same.

    There is a delicate balance which you failed to recognize. there will always have to be some sort of sacrifice in order to bring art to the forefront.

    To sit here and say “music first” is just elitist…the experience of it all, including service, should come first.

  5. I used to _love_ the concerts at the art museum on Union Street. Great music, great atmosphere. I hope the PJI will resume those concerts there.

  6. Hi, Just wanted to say I truly LOVED this venue. It IS sorely missed. It was a wonderful place to go and hear Jazz. Real Jazz without compromise.
    I’m very, very sorry to see it leave but I know Paul will come back stronger and more innovative than before. Looking forward to the GRAND Opening of the next venue with all its Jazz adventures. All the Best! Peace, Kim

  7. Ignore the hate, Paul. You created something truly unique. The music, the artists, the guests, and the atmosphere all worked perfectly to create a one-of-a-kind experience many of us will never forget. And you did it every single weekend. Unbelievable.

    We’ll be there for you wherever you land.

  8. Paul Lines:

    You dealt with a lot. There was NOTHING like this place that I’ve ever experienced to this day. The artistry and the HEART are unmatched. The reason for some of the poor service? Because you gave so many people a chance… you believed in so many people who were at the bottom of their lick and gave them a job, believing in them and in return so many of them took advantage of your hospitality and trust. HOW DO I KNOW ALL THIS?!?!? Because I freakin’ WORKED there!!! I busted my ass and saw you putting EVERYTHING into this place for the people, the music and especially the education of children… and I had the unfortunate experince of finding out (same time as you) that someone was stealing HUNDREDS of dollars out of your pocket and from the Jazz club EVERY NIGHT!!! (I immediately cut ties with that person.)

    This placed changed me forever musically. It opened my eyes to understand JAZZ and I was truly enlightened. My World is more open and my life is better. It’s a beautiful memory for me and some of the best times of my life thus far (mixed with some unfortunate ones that had NOTHING to do with the establishment.)

    I can’t wait to find out where your next venue will be… and I will absolutely spread the word and contribute somehow.

    (Do some major screening on the next employees.) 😛
    Much love,

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