Scenes from the Angeles National Forest: What remains of Hidden Springs Cafe



The Station Fire has claimed the historic Hidden Springs Cafe, a treasured stopping point and java spot for anyone passing through the Angeles National Forest. Owner Jim Lewis ran the business for 32 years.

From the L.A. Times’ L.A. Now:

“Lewis … said a number of his
customers and friends had called him to say they saw the cafe site on a
television broadcast Tuesday morning. People recognized the lone,
old-fashioned phone booth standing amid ashes because it is the only
one in the Angeles National Forest, he said.”

In memoriam, Los Angeles Magazine has resurrected its 2001 review, which dubbed Hidden Springs “the ultimate rest stop”:

“On a dry day the drive from La Canada takes about 15 minutes, but by
the time the cafe comes into view, a couple of curves north of the Big
Tujunga tunnel, civilization seems to have been left behind. But then,
commercial establishments of any sort are rarer than rattlesnake bites
within national forest boundaries.”

These photos from our sister publication, the Los Angeles Daily News, show all that remains of the cafe that was obliterated by flames Tuesday. (Photos by Gene Blevins / Staff)


12 thoughts on “Scenes from the Angeles National Forest: What remains of Hidden Springs Cafe

  1. What a shame, Some of the nicest bunch of people up the hill..Gonna miss the Apple pie alamode when I patrol up there and the Chili on my Harley Rides..Prayers are with Ya’all

  2. The Lewis family are great folks.

    We rented a cabin up the road when the kids were young.

    Loved the chili with cheese & onions & a fried egg on top.

  3. Maybe the building department will cut you some slack. I know you guys can build it again. I’ll miss the great BLT’s, Jim and the banjo Pickin, Odis.
    Jack in Acton

  4. Hey we’ll be back because Odie Springs is a part of us now…and it just aint fair to let that fire ruin it for all of us. Kudos for your efforts to save your cafe… Now its time for new beginnings! God makes everything possible. Connie and Francois.

  5. Very sad to see this, my Dad, who just passed away prematurely 3 weeks ago used to bring me here often as a kid. I have great memories of this place, although I have not been there for years. I am so sad for the owner, and the people who are connected to this place.
    -Jamie Lee Christ Flores

  6. This is very sad when anyone loses their business and home in a fire, but I am not sure who these other people that left comments are talking about. I was up there with a film crew couple years ago and, I am not sure which guy it was, whether it was Jim or Otis, but whoever it was, he was real jerk. Our crew, about 15 people walked in and we were going to have breakfast and lunch there(which would have been very beneficial to them), because we would probably spent close to 1000 dollars in total. We kindly asked the owner if we could leave our cars parked there while we did the shoot(we had about 5 total cars and there was only one other car parked in the dirt lot), when we asked him, he was very rude, threatening to park a bulldozer behind our cars so we would not be able to get out, the guy acted like a complete asshole, and he reminded me of one of the crazy characters from the movie “Deliverance.” We never met the Mom or the Sister, but whoever was running the restaurant that day was a total prick!

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