Thanks, but no thanks: Will nude sushi models catch on in Old Pasadena?



File under: Only on Craigslist.

Eater LA draws attention to a conspicuous ad in the San Gabriel Valley section of food/beverage/hospitality job listings:

“Hi-end Sushi Fusion Restaraunt / lounge is looking for Nyotaimori sushi
models to serve sushi while lying on a table some what naked. … Please only apply if you are comfortable with your body with some coverings as this will be your uniform. … Locations is in Oldtown Pasadena.”

Abominable grammar and spelling aside, that’s a little too much hospitality for us. Ew.

To get our sushi fix, we’ll stick to following Fishlips around town like crazed seafood stalkers.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, but no thanks: Will nude sushi models catch on in Old Pasadena?

  1. Typical chicks. Always running away when they feel uncomfortable, inadequate and unable to compete. Ask ANY real MAN if they’d eat at this joint and they would all agree 100% that it would be the greatest of them all! chalk one up on the YES column for me. All those who say Ew & yucky are just abunch of chubby heavies who need to stop shooving fat food in their mouth and start enjoying some fresh sushi, no matter how it’s served.

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