Actress Lauren Potter makes appearance on ‘Glee’



Rose Magazine caught up with actress Lauren Potter back in July, when she was getting some new head shots taken by photographer Kendall Roclord in his Pasadena studio.


Roclord had opened up the studio to actors, like Potter, with Down syndrome, so they could get some free, professional head shots and hopefully land some gigs. At the time, the 19-year-old had just finished shooting an episode of “Glee.” Staff writer Richard Irwin described her as “positively bubbling.”

Of her part on the show, she said: “I play Becky Jackson, a high-school sophomore with Down syndrome who joins the high-school cheerleading squad.”

Last night, the episode featuring Potter aired on FOX. Her role seems like it may be a recurring one. Clip below.

(Top photo by Keith Birmingham / Staff; Screen grab via FOX and Hulu)

3 thoughts on “Actress Lauren Potter makes appearance on ‘Glee’

  1. I thought it was a great performance! It was very believable and heart-warming. I also thought it was great because she helped to speak out for all people with disabilities through her role. Good job!

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