Got a question about the Rose Parade? Send a text and get an answer


Folks with questions about anything related to the Rose Parade and associated events can get answers via text message, Tournament of Roses officials announced today.

To submit questions, text the word “Roses” followed by a question to 95495. A tournament representative will respond.

The service will be available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. through Thursday.

The service will not be available on Friday, the day of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game.

From wire reports

2 thoughts on “Got a question about the Rose Parade? Send a text and get an answer

  1. Couldn’t get the text thing to work.

    We’ll be at the 235 W. Colorado grandstand – are there public restrooms nearby?

    Can we bring our own food into the grandstand, as well as blankets and stadium seats?

    We’re coming from Long Beach and parking in the Parsons building structure. Would you advise approaching from the 210 or the 110?


  2. Hi Jane,

    Pasadena Convention and Visitors Bureau officials also just opened a toll-free hotline for Rose Parade and Rose Bowl questions: 877-793-9911

    They are the official experts for all your questions.

    What I do know, as a layperson, is this:
    * Portable restrooms are provided behind each grandstand.
    * You may bring your own food and personal items, but space is limited in the grandstands. You are asked not to bring coolers, large containers or anything that will not fit within your small seating area.
    * Police urge motorists to avoid the 110 completely

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