Lavender loves, part deux: Lather skin care

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Here’s the thing about Lather: It was founded by Emilie Hoyt, who knows a thing or two about that buzz word, aromatherapy. Ten years ago, Hoyt got the idea to start the botanical skin care brand after she discovered lavender soap helped to relieve her intense migraine headaches.
She would even put the soap under her pillow to relax at bedtime.
So lavender abounds at Lather, which means we had so many options from which to choose. Some favs:

<< Planting Seeds gift set: Includes oatmeal lavender soap (4 oz.), a lavender aromatherapy candle (4 oz.) and a packet of lavender seeds for planting possibilities. Plus, five bucks from the sale of each gift set goes to the National Headache Foundation for awareness, education and outreach. ($20)
>> Prepare to Bare gift set: This travel-friendly set of moisturizers will cover you from head-to-toe. Bamboo lemongrass body creme, sofian lavender whipped body creme, AHA hand creme with evening primrose, and lavender and eucalyptus foot creme, each in 2 oz. containers. ($35)
<> (Comes with both) Lavender lime twist: Lavender to 
calm and soothe, 
citrus to uplift and invigorate; 
Together, they create balance. Includes lavender lime bath salts (9 oz.) and moisturizer (8 oz.). ($32)
17 E. Colorado Blvd., 626-396-9636,
The Lather boutique in Old Pasadena is the picture of serenity.
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(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

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