Deeper state of play: Pasadena Hoop Group

Hooping is a lot of things. It’s a tool for exercise and meditation. It’s a skill that looks harder than it actually is. (Translate: You can really pick this up without too much practice.) And it’s a socially acceptable way for adults to play with fun toys.
For Stacey Wang’s story, above, on hooping in the February issue of Rose Magazine, we had a photo shoot with Pasadena Hoop Group founder Sharleen Liu.
The shoot was at the Sierra Madre Community Nursery School, which is a beautiful, organic learning environment for children and the parents who keep it running.

Photographer Sarah Reingewirtz captured this series of serene images with Sharleen:
37751-1-14-10-11 R-HULAHOOP1.jpg
37752-1-14-10-11 R-HULAHOOP2.jpg
37753-1-14-10-11 R-HULAHOOP3.jpg
37754-1-14-10-11 R-HULAHOOP4.jpg
37755-1-14-10-11 R-HULAHOOP6.jpg
37756-1-14-10-11 R-HULAHOOP7.jpg
37757-1-14-10-11 R-HULAHOOP8.jpg
And photographer Mike Mullen went out to Victory Park, where the Pasadena Hoop Group gets together almost every week.
37733-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP1.JPG
37734-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP2.JPG
37735-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP3.JPG
37736-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP4.JPG
37738-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP6.JPG
37739-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP7.JPG
37740-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP10.JPG
37742-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP13.JPG
37743-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP15.JPG
37744-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP16.JPG
37745-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP18.JPG
37746-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP19.JPG
37747-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP21.JPG
37748-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP22.JPG
37749-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP23.JPG
37750-1-10-10-2 R-HULAHOOP24.JPG
The Pasadena Hoop Group meets next at 2 p.m. on Feb. 21 at Victory Park in Pasadena. More details at the group’s site.
(Photos by Mike Mullen and Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)

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