Shop the block: Jenni B., 106 E. Lime Ave., Monrovia

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A shop that manages to be both extensive in its collections and still feel cozy, Jenni B. is an ideal boutique for scooping up special-occasion wear and investing in classic pieces upon which to build a wardrobe.
Look for Poetic License shoes — especially the divine, colorful summer strappies — and dresses and tanks from Kyumi and Voom by Joy Han. It feels a bit like Downtown L.A. fashion-district heaven, but this retail remix resides in the heart of Old Town Monrovia.
More photos after the jump:

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41851-5-13-10-6 R-JENNIB8.jpg
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41850-5-13-10-6 R-JENNIB7.jpg
41854-5-13-10-6 R-JENNIB11.jpg
41852-5-13-10-6 R-JENNIB9.jpg
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41853-5-13-10-6 R-JENNIB10.jpg
(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

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