Shop the block: L&G Fashion Boutique, 302 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia

41879-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG1.jpg
This boutique is brimming with you-can-do-no-wrong ensembles for summer and beyond.
Draw them in with turquoise and sea-foam delights that can be worn afternoon or, paired with heels, at night. Indeed, the array of colorful fabrics and accessories on hand may make you dizzy with happiness.
Look out for some killer handbags in the feminine-Western vein that are almost big enough to accomodate every item you’ll score when shopping here.
More photos after the jump:

41880-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG2.jpg
41883-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG5.jpg
41881-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG3.jpg
41882-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG4.jpg
41884-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG6.jpg
41886-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG8.jpg
41885-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG7.jpg
41887-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG9.jpg
41888-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG10.jpg
41890-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG12.jpg
41889-5-17-10-3 R-LANDG11.jpg

(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

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