Shop the block: Verita Salon, 111 E. Lime Ave., Monrovia

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With its modernized art-deco space accented by dripping crystal pendant lights, Verita plays on the edge of luxury and elegance, while still offering that intimate small-town salon experience to puts you at ease among friends.
Verita stylists are masters of the Brazilian Blowout, a huge-right-now trend for tresses that softens and smooths curls and waves and allows you to blow-dry in a fraction of the time — so you don’t have to sacrifice either style. It’s also a gentler process and less dependent on harsh chemicals compared to other straightening formulas.
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(Photos by Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)

One thought on “Shop the block: Verita Salon, 111 E. Lime Ave., Monrovia

  1. This salon is all about quality and skilled stylists. I had a Brazilian Blowout done by Decia and my hair is so incredibly soft and shiny. I love it and will be back for sure!!!!!

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