Photos: Edible living arrangements at Pasadena’s Urban Homestead

41943-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN1-thumb-300x254-41931.jpg
In the middle of the bustle of Pasadena lies the Urban Homestead, a self-reliant oasis for Jules Dervaes and his adult children, Anais, Justin and Jordanne.
The family lives and works on the property, where a tenth of an acre is devoted to gardening.
The average home-sized spot has yielded more than 5,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables annually for the past two years. It boasts more than 400 different types of produce, as well as nearly 2,000 chicken and duck eggs and 25 pounds of honey, which is sold to local restaurants, caterers and other clients and also finds its way to the Dervaes’ table.
Read more by reporter Michelle J. Mills in Rose Magazine, at the interactive link below, plus lots of photos after the jump:

41932-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN2.jpg
41941-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN11.jpg
41933-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN3.jpg
41934-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN4.jpg
41940-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN10.jpg
41936-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN6.jpg
41935-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN5.jpg
41937-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN7.jpg
41939-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN9.jpg
41938-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN8.jpg
41942-5-4-10-4 R-URBAN12.jpg

(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

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