Photos: At Pasadena’s POP Champagne Bar, dessert is the most important meal of the day

42168-5-14-10-12 R-POP2.jpg
A traditional Spanish dessert — these days, corrupted by an explosion in popularity and en masse distribution at theme parks and even fast-food joints — the churros at POP Champagne and Dessert Bar are on the high end of the doughy spectrum.
Chef Ray Vasquez rolls his fresh churros in sugar and serves them up with a trio of sauces: warm chocolate, dulce de leche and cinnamon.
POP Champagne and Dessert Bar, 33 E. Union St., (626) 795-1295,
More photos after the jump:

Below, olive oil cake served with mixed berries, strawberry balsamic reduction and Chantilly cream:
42167-5-14-10-12 R-POP1.jpg
Chocolate and Guinness — beer! — pie with vanilla bean ice cream, Chantilly cream and chocolate pecans:
42169-5-14-10-12 R-POP3.jpg
Chocolate decadence with a chocolate mousse dome atop chocolate cake with, yes, chocolate sorbet:
42170-5-14-10-12 R-POP4.jpg
(Photos by Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)

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