Photos: Disneyland koi splash down at The Huntington in San Marino

42327-6-23-10-4 KOI09.jpg
More than 250 koi splashed down Wednesday at their new home at The Huntington Library in San Marino. The colorful fish were a gift from Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort, which needed to relocate them from a hotel koi pond.
The fish are now living swimming it up in a series of five lily ponds below The Huntington’s Jungle Garden, in another pond in the Japanese Garden and in a lake in the Chinese Garden.
The Huntington says “the new residents took to the water like — well — like fish to water.”
Some interspecies cuteness, as the fish mingle with other denizens of the gardens, after the jump:

42326-6-23-10-4 KOI07.jpg
42325-6-23-10-4 KOI04.jpg
(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

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