Shop the block: Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture, 1020 Mission St., South Pasadena

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Bellini’s domain encompasses all types of furniture for babies and children, and the boutique on Mission Street is filled with exquisite cribs in decorated display vignettes.
Here you’ll find the perfect gift for a baby shower or for your own little one, from elegant armoires for storing away diapers and wipes to stylish, pint-size hair accessories by Sweet Caroline.
A portable playhouse for the whole family, the Makai Sport Hut is a lightweight, collapsible tent that pops open right where you need shade. The hut fits a family of four and comes in bold, cheerful colors.
Bellini is a chain retailer, but the South Pasadena store is populated with friendly locals who’ll remind you how welcoming it can be to shop in a charming town.
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(Photos by Leo Jarzomb / Staff)

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