Shop the block: Boutique Jasleen, 1020-A Mission St., South Pasadena

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39792-RBLOG-SHOP-SECTIONHEADER.jpgFrom the casual to the glamorous, Boutique Jasleen continually carries a well-curated collection of seasonal and classic fashions.
Even the store’s mannequins sport ensembles that you’d actually love to don. Bold patterns and old-fashioned hats make for a striking, modernist blend of style, and extraordinary accessory pieces cinch the deal.
It’s a little bit of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with a whole lot of Carrie-style “Sex in the City.”
Also look for carry-all purses that come just the way we like them: big enough to double as an overnight bag.
More photos after the jump:

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(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

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