Shop the block: Zinnia, 1024 Mission St., South Pasadena

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Zinnia calls itself a Space for Contagious Creativity. Indeed, the spacious artists’ store is an explosion of color, with peculiar discoveries just waiting to be made.
Take classes in an array of obscure subjects, like crafting sock creatures, assembling paper dolls, painting in the Tibetan mandala style and soldering charms.
Don’t expect to find an exhaustive array of traditional art supplies in this boutique; It’s not intended to be a stock-all warehouse, but a place overflowing with one-of-a-kind baubles and curios that have been assembled from thrift stores and flea markets and yard sales. To be precise, expect the unexpected.
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(Photos by Leo Jarzomb / Staff)

4 thoughts on “Shop the block: Zinnia, 1024 Mission St., South Pasadena

  1. Wow…thank you Rose Magazine. This is a great and unique store, and we love our customers. As I’ve heard customers say, “It’s a great place to find all kinds of different stuff, you didn’t know you were looking for!” Come in and check us out!

    Paul Murray – teacher at Zinnia’s

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