Sierra Madre’s The Shabby Dog pet boutique is decidedly chic

The Shabby Dog is a Sierra Madre-based line of fashionable dog products that, betraying its charming name, is far more chic than shabby.
In addition to carrying some serious handcrafted sparkle from B.B. Simon, entrepreneur Sandy Duvall and her team of in-house designers have created a luxurious collection of dog apparel, collars, leads, beds, blankets, bowls, bags and carriers.

Perhaps Duvall’s most inspired creation of all is her Pupercise kit, which includes a stylish walking cuff and handy accessories that allow you to walk your dog hands-free. The hands-free cuff ($60) and leash ($70) are seen above with a B.B. Simon collar with Swarovski crystals ($80).
The kits come in a variety of colors and textures and contain everything you need to step out of the house on a walk with your dog.
The wristwatch cuff helps you keep track of time and serves as the anchor for the adjustable leash.
Count your steps with the matching pedometer and snap on the accessory tote, which is just big enough to contain essentials like your ID and iPhone.
Duvall has been in the fitness industry for nearly three decades, so it’s no surprise she has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep both you and your pet walking toward better health.
More photos below:


(Photos by Walt Mancini and Watchara Phomicinda / Staff)

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