Walk it down to Burbank’s Doggie Avenue pet shop


Over the hill in the nearby San Fernando Valley, Doggie Avenue pet boutique specializes in pampered princess — or princely — pups.

Inside the store, boldly hued walls and bright displays of merchandise make this one of the area’s most visually enticing pet boutiques.

44526-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE10.jpg

44572-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE17-thumb-300x205-44533.jpgAn expert staff of groomers runs the doggie spa, which earns rave reviews from customers.

Searching through the shop’s array of pet couture feels a bit like stepping, awe-inspired, into “Clueless” Cher’s closet for the first time.
Take stock of the Doggie Avenue refrigerator, too, where you can pick up home-cooked dog meals prepared by a professional chef.

More photos below:

44520-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE03.jpg

44521-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE05.jpg
44522-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE06.jpg
44528-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE12.jpg
44523-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE07.jpg
44524-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE08.jpg
44535-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE18.jpg
44529-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE13.jpg
44530-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE14.jpg
44532-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE16.jpg
44534-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE19.jpg
44536-7-9-10-4 R-DOGGIEAVENUE20.jpg
(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

2 thoughts on “Walk it down to Burbank’s Doggie Avenue pet shop

  1. I had been a loyal and happy customer for 8 months. This past Friday, 11-26-2010, my 11 month old Lhasa Apso puppy was severely injured in their store. Jose did not deny that, but claims his groomer did nothing wrong.

    I too, never saw these groomers or the grooming room,and feel it’s possible Jose was the groomer that day.

    He lied to me, giving me a fake name for the groomer, and even lied to Officer Levin of Burbank Humane when he went to investigate.

    My dog had severe bruising to both eyes and her neck, which her vet and a specialist agree is consistent with being strangled/hung by a grooming noose.

    Jose, when confronted, claimed his groomer admitted to ‘pulling her too hard’ thus causing her injuries, and that he fired her. He said this within 5 minutes of agreeing to speak to her and call me back, so I did not buy it.

    Officer Levin was given the fake name along with a cell phone number that is conveniently disconnected.

    Jose/Paulo have done nothing at all to make this right. My dog is injured and traumatized by her ordeal. They kept her 7 hours that day and she is not even groomed. She was probably injured early on and they stalled for time hoping it would go away and not be noticed.

    Jose claims 6 groomers were there that day. And no one saw anything? You mean to tell me 6 groomers didn’t notice a puppy being hung?

    I used to be in love with them, too..but I am warning you all.

    Anyone wanting to see photos of my dog’s injuries is welcome to e mail me at Icanhazemail@aol.com. I will happily send them to you.

    After all of this, I was still charged for the grooming and they did not even offer to pay the vet bills.

    It’s not money I want. I want the person who hurt her to be held accountable, but thanks to their lies..this can’t happen.

    Please spread the word and do NOT support a business who protects animal abusers. No matter how pretty their merchandise is,and believe me I loved it, too.

    I spent a lot of money and time there before this nightmare took place.

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