This East Pasadena pet boutique is more than garden-variety


My Pet Garden does extremely well in balancing the practical with the whimsical.

Here, you’ll find safe, reliable essentials for your pet’s diet and grooming alongside the more indulgent stuff: rewarding toys and pet fashions — argyle-print tanks! — and even Bowser dog beer.
The pet shop in East Pasadena was created by animal expert Joel Tatum, a former zookeeper and producer of the DIY Network’s Pet Care television series.

44748-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN02.jpg
44764-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN06-thumb-200x154-44751.jpg
The shop fits just about everything you need into a fairly small space, without feeling stuffed to the brim or disorganized.
And this garden also “grows” affordable, full-service groomers and a hospitable staff, making it an all-bases-covered shop — leaving you and your pet plenty of time to stop and smell the roses.
More photos below:
44747-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN01.jpg
44749-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN04.jpg
44750-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN05.jpg
44753-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN08.jpg
44752-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN09.jpg
44754-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN10.jpg
44755-7-8-10-4 R-PETGARDEN12.jpg

(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

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