Give a dog a bone birthday cake from Three Dog Bakery in Pasadena


In an alleyway just off Colorado Boulevard, it’s not unusual to see people trailing their dogs on leashes as they zip in and out of this shop for canine baked goods.

When it comes to all-natural, oven-baked treats and fresh food for dogs, the international chain Three Dog Bakery is the bona fide (bone-ified?) deal, with a strong SoCal presence even beyond its Pasadena storefront. For your four-legged friend’s next special event, consider a fresh-made and customized doggie birthday cake.
More photos after the jump:

44778-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY02.jpg
44780-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY05.jpg
44779-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY04.jpg
44781-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY06.jpg
44782-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY07.jpg
44783-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY09.jpg
44784-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY12.jpg
44785-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY14.jpg
44786-7-12-10-1 R-DOGBAKERY16.jpg
(Photos by Leo Jarzomb / Staff)

One thought on “Give a dog a bone birthday cake from Three Dog Bakery in Pasadena

  1. My dog love love loves this place. We changed him over to the dog food because it is baked and better for him. Thanks Three Dog Bakery!

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