Shop the block: There’s plenty of EyeCandy at this modern, minimalist beauty bar in Montrose

46776-9-2-10-6 R-EYECANDY02.jpg
This ultramodern beauty bar is boiled down to an essence: It focuses entirely on beauty treatments for the face. Threading, make-up application and facials comprise the menu of options.
EyeCandy‘s expert threaders will design the perfect eyebrow arch for you, and its estheticians will create a facial treatment tailored to your skin’s needs. Owner Karolin Sahakian takes pride in her EyeCandy specialists, who each focus exclusively on an area of beauty expertise. 

On the retail side, Sahakian has also curated an exceptional array of sought-after luxury skin-care products — including brands like Natura Bisse, DermaQuest, Clarisonic and Colorescience.
More photos after the jump:

46775-9-2-10-6 R-EYECANDY01.jpg
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46779-9-2-10-6 R-EYECANDY06.jpg
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46783-9-2-10-6 R-EYECANDY10.jpg
46784-9-2-10-6 R-EYECANDY11.jpg
46785-9-2-10-6 R-EYECANDY12.jpg
(Photos by Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)

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