Shop the block: Skate into Billy’s Boardshop in Montrose

46907-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP01.jpg

Even outside the Montrose Village, there’s no place that does authentic skate-shop quite like Billy’s.

The store has been around, in different locations, since the ’70s and is an auteur of California skater style. Trust its staff for your practical boarding needs, and then stick around for a little something fun.
To boot, the board shop has cross-market appeal; From dresses to shoes, its casual fashion stock is alluring for skaters and non-skaters alike. And, of course, you can snag sparkly Toms Glitters here.
More photos after the jump:

46910-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP04.jpg
46908-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP02.jpg
46909-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP03.jpg
46911-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP05.jpg
46912-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP06.jpg
46913-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP07.jpg
46914-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP08.jpg
46915-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP09.jpg
46916-8-31-10-3 R-BOARDSHOP10.jpg

(Photos by Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)

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