2011 Rose Queen wears a new Swarovski crystal-bedecked crown

When 2011 Rose Queen Evanne Elizabeth Friedmann was officially crowned yesterday in a ceremony at the Pasadena Convention Center, there was something extra sparkly about her, and it wasn’t just that dazzling set of chompers.
The Rose Queen this year is sporting a brand-new crown, designed by Pasadena’s own Jairo and Karen Lizarazu.
David Gordon, spokesman for the Tournament of Roses, provides some details on the royal headwear:
  • The crystal elements are Swarovski round-brilliant and baguette cuts, and the crown is finished with rhodium.
  • The six princess tiaras were designed to complement the Rose Queen’s crown.
  • It was crafted by Dina, Inc., a pageant tiara and crown manufacturer based in Cranston, R.I.
The new crown replaces one, seen at right, that was first introduced for the 2005 parade. That crown, designed by Mikimoto, was set in silver and featured 10 white South Sea pearls, 632 Akoya cultured pearls and 6.09 carats in diamonds. (It was the first Rose Queen crown to be made of truly precious materials, and it was estimated to be worth more than $100,000.)
Last year, we posted a retrospective on Rose Queen crowns through history, which you can read here.
(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

6 thoughts on “2011 Rose Queen wears a new Swarovski crystal-bedecked crown

  1. Beautiful Queen and the fabulous crown was amazing. Congratulations to our Son and daughter for the woderful design for the 2011 Rose Quenn Crown

  2. I personally believe this crown is too gody. The princesses crowns are too big for them. I am partial to last year’s with REAL PRECIOUS STONES AND DIAMONDS. Truly fit for a queen. It was simple and elegant. This year’s is cheap looking and not classy. I beg to differ to the above comment.

  3. Beautiful girl; beautiful crown. I like the way the crown seems to be made of crystal roses on a trellis. VERY ELEGANT without being gaudy.

  4. The crown that is representing this years tournament is exceptional. It is a well designed piece.,and the two designers Karen and Jairo did a wonderful job on the crown. Where can I find out about the two designers? Do they have a collection of jewerly available for sell? Great job!!.

  5. Such a beautiful crown that befits a gorgeous queen! This crown emits radiance and splendor that rivals the jewels of British royalty. Hailing from south Pasadena myself, kudos to the powers that be in celebrating Pasadena’s very own talent in Jairo and Karen for a wonderfully intricate design.

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