Pictured: Cherry Blossom Festival flowers in Monterey Park

51767-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM02.JPG
Monterey Park’s 14th annual Cherry Blossom Festival on Sunday featured cultural dance and music performances, along with an appearance by a world champion sumo wrestler.
Above, performers from the traditional Japanese dance group Fujima Kansei line up for a portrait during the festival in Barnes Park.
More photos after the jump:

51768-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM04.JPG
51769-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM05.JPG
Below, Amy Duong, 17, creates a blown-ink cherry blossom design at the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library booth.
51770-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM06.JPG
51771-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM07.JPG
Below, Jamie Peters, 13, sells decorative diadems to raise money for the AYSO Alhambra United team.
51772-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM08.JPG
Below, Shuk-Li Ebihara holds her son Hikaru, 5, as he peers through a telescope hosted by the Los Angeles Astronomical Society.
51773-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM09.JPG
51774-4-16-11-7 BLOSSOM10.JPG
(Photos by Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)

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