Solvent solutions: Restoring — or removing — graffiti-covered trail markers on historic Cobb Estate




The Sunday Star-News featured a front-page report by Janette Williams on the unsightly condition of interpretive trail markers on the Cobb Estate at the north end of Lake Avenue.

The Pasadena Audubon Society installed the signs about 18 months ago, and they’re already plastered in graffiti — so much as to be completely unreadable.

Above and at right are some of the images that didn’t run in Sunday’s newspaper.

As you can see, the graffiti extends beyond just the trail markers.

A local resident is spearheading the effort to eliminate the eyesores, but finding a solution for the marred signs hasn’t been a simple process:

For nearly a year, Sarah Keever has been trying to
find a clean-up solution, contacting both the Pasadena Audubon Society,
which installed the interpretive signs, and the U.S. Forest Service,
which was deeded the estate site by the Altadena community in the early

If one of the groups — or any willing group, for that matter — decides to buck up and take responsibility for the signage, we hear Easy-Off can work miracles.

You might want to order in bulk.

(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

The elephant in the room: Scrapbookers descend on Altadena


30900-RBLOG-SCRAPBOOK.JPGAhhhh, scrapbookers.

We love niche interest groups, and the scrapbooking community is one of the best. Their dedication to crafting perfectly themed pastiches of photos, patterns, paint and glitter makes the rest of feel shameful for still having decades-old photos stuffed into a shoebox in the closet.

And when they go the extra mile (or two or three or four) … well, just look at Karen Myers’ latest customer in her shop on Lake Avenue in Altadena.

The Star-News reports the life-size replica of a pachyderm is on loan to Karen’s Hallmark Shop from St. Elizabeth School in Altadena to promote Shop Hop, a 37-store promo for scrapbooking fans around SoCal.

The theme of this year’s hop is “Safari,” hence the elephant. (Scrapbookers sure love their themes, huh?)

The So Cal Shop Hop runs through Aug. 23. And if you visit at least 18 of the 37 participating retailers, you can enter a contest for prizes.

That’s a lot of extra miles, but who are we to stand in the way of a herd of scrapbookers?

(Photo by Walt Mancini)