From the fashion front lines: generoCity launch party stitches together clothing, culture and community



A new Los Angeles-based recycled clothing company, generoCity is one part fashion-centric collaboration, one part community service organizer. The group has ties to Mosaic, Pasadena’s Union Station Foundation and other local nonprofits.

The upstart aims to be a platform for new designers, to create innovative fashion and to help those in need by putting the force of the fashion world in L.A. behind community outreach projects.

Founder Adrian Koehler tells Rose Magazine: “Los Angeles doesn’t need another fashion company. It does need more and more citizens who are willing to give their time, money and talents to see her heal.”

(Photos, from the generoCity launch party in Los Feliz this summer, by Keith Birmingham)


Jumping Jellyfish preparing for fall leap to One Colorado complex


South Fair Oaks children’s clothing boutique Jumping Jellyfish is preparing to make like its name and leap a few blocks north to a new home in the One Colorado complex, owner Ann Monzon said.

Monzon said the move is expected to take place in October.

The boutique has been open at its current location, 107 S. Fair Oaks Ave., for more than two years.

Its new neighbors in the One Colorado courtyard will be Origins and Juicy Couture. Jumping Jellyfish will fill the vacant space there that once housed Urban Baggerie.

The top two photos at right show the boutique’s current location on Fair Oaks. The bottom two images show the future One Colorado location, and a sign announcing the transition.

Jumping Jellyfish will be the subject of an editorial shopping spread in the fall issue of Rose Magazine. (Photos by Keith Birmingham and Evelyn Barge / Staff)