Missing-man formation in the skies above Pasadena



Coincidentally, I was location scouting for a photo shoot this morning in Defenders Park next to the Colorado Street Bridge.

I stopped to read the plaques on the monuments in the park, like this one below, a granite structure with unknown origins.


Closest to the intersection of Orange Grove and Colorado is this heliport plaque, honoring Lt. Orrin Russell Fox, who died in World War II. That monument was dedicated in October 1950, on the spot of the city’s heliport. It was moved around a bit, but found its way back close to its original site.


I was heading back to the car when that unmistakable roaring of engines started building overhead. I looked up to see a missing-man formation — North American T-6 Texan aircraft flown by the Condor Squadron of Van Nuys — flying by on its way to make an aerial appearance at the Veterans Day celebration at Memorial Park.

The time was close to 11:11 on 11/11/09. I was just lucky to be in their path.

(Photos by Evelyn Barge / Staff)