The denim also rises in Pasadena


For those not in the know: Haberdashery is not an exclamatory word. (As in: “Haberdashery! I just stubbed my pinkie toe.”)

Doyen of denim Mike Hodis would like to reintroduce the term — meaning an outfitter with special skill in custom tailoring and hardware like buttons and zippers — into your fashion lexicon. He’s making strides toward that end in his Pasadena store, Rising Sun & Co., where he staffs real-life haberdashers. (Pinch us! Are we dreaming in sepia tone?) They are master craftsmen, producing one-of-a-kind denim clothing in the style of the 1930s on actual turn-of-the-century sewing machines.

Expect to shell out for a high-quality pair of Rising Sun jeans, and even more for a truly original creation, but be prepared to never look back. Your old jeans will fall apart at the seams for shame.

107 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Suite 109
(626) 793-3479

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Rising Sun & Co. is featured in Rose Magazine’s fall issue. Above and below are some of the photos that didn’t make it to print. (Walt Mancini/Staff)