Snap judgment: Day into night


Maybe it’s the general overload of sensory stimuli this week, but we’re feeling in an especially visual mood today. Check out this air tanker preparing to drop fire retardant on the “other fire” — the Morris Fire up Highway 39 above Azusa. And, no, that’s not a lens flare — it’s the moon beginning to crest in the blue, blue sky. (Photo by Keith Birmingham / Staff)


Slip and slide: Firefighters get some relief from grueling conditions



These pictures would warm our hearts, if they weren’t already molten from the heat.

But, seriously, as a fiery Armageddon descends on SoCal, we’re glad to see that the Engine 111 firefighters out of Little Tujunga Station got a little reprieve — however momentary. They’ve been battling the  Morris Fire in the rugged terrain of San Gabriel Canyon above Azusa.

Daniel Tedford reports:

They have faced 30-foot flames in the intense
heat of day and cold canyon nights without bravado, but instead with a
stoic sense of duty.”

As a “thank you” for their service, the children’s water play area at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale was opened especially for the firefighters.

“‘They have been working hard, so we made the exception,’ said Marc Allen, a senior life guard at the park.”

At right, top, firefighter Danny Flores cools
off on Thursday.

Second from top, Flores, left, and engine captain Bruce Steinberg.

Third from top, Alfred Mendoza floats in shallow waters after his crew from Little Tujunga Station has been working 12- and 24-hour shifts battling the Morris Fire above Azusa.

Mendoza told our photographer the water slide made him feel “like a kid again.”

Bottom, Steinberg prepares to follow Mendoza down the water slide.

(Photos by Watchara Phomicinda and Suzanne Khazaal / Staff)