Bizarre tableaus from the annals of anti-aging


The Anti-Aging and Healthy Living Expo set up shop in the Pasadena Convention Center this weekend, and photos of the vendors left us, at best, puzzled.

Concerned about aging? Cut to the chase and climb into your very own body bag portable hyperbaric chamber. (Passes given to those who actually need this device for medical, therapeutic uses.)
Clearly needing to be preoccupied with aging is this gal, who appears to be a ripe-old, gorgeous twentysomething.
Confirmed. (To be fair, the hair does look nice.)
OK, these Kangoo Jumps seem fun for the athlete who is not afraid to be stared at quizzically by the neighbors. Let’s take bets on how many times I use them before stowing in the back of the closet.
We’d much rather juggle SoyJoys to stay forever young than have to eat them.

(Photos by Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)