Got a question about the Rose Parade? Send a text and get an answer


Folks with questions about anything related to the Rose Parade and associated events can get answers via text message, Tournament of Roses officials announced today.

To submit questions, text the word “Roses” followed by a question to 95495. A tournament representative will respond.

The service will be available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. through Thursday.

The service will not be available on Friday, the day of the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game.

From wire reports

Civil War: To the victor go the Roses



“Oregon and Oregon State have come a long way since, uh, competing in a
game in 1983 that was so artless it came to be known as the Toilet Bowl.”

So the lede goes in a USA TODAY story written by David Leon Moore on tonight’s Civil War clash between the schools. On the line are a Pacific-10 championship and a spot in the Rose Bowl.

Could make for an exciting game, no? So, for whom to root?

“On Civil War day, Oregonians traditionally dress in Ducks or Beavers
gear. Some can’t make up their mind, or have family ties to both
schools, and mix their garb. They are known as Platypuses.”

A Facebook friend of mine who lives in Oregon posted this about his teacher wife’s work place: “My wife says her school has basically been a Oregon-Oregon St. turf war
for the past week and that the teachers have separate color-coded
rooting sections set up in the break room!”

Above, that’s a Nov. 2008 file photo of Oregon’s quarterback Jeremiah Masoli breaking a tackle from Oregon State’s Bryant Cornell in the second half of an NCAA college football game in Corvallis, Ore.

(Photo: Associated Press)

Reaction shots: Ground-level perspective on Bruce Nauman’s skywriting art piece


Even more than the other photos we’ve seen so far of Saturday’s skywriting work over the Arroyo, we love this action shot by Keith Birmingham of people in a Rose Bowl parking lot experiencing the overhead display from the ground. Looks like a message written in the heavens is still out-of-the-ordinary enough to stop people in their tracks.


If you missed it, the image below is of what they were looking at. The skywriting piece was part of the Armory Center for the Arts‘ ongoing 20th anniversary celebration.


And in case the message has left you scratching your head, it helps to read up on the context behind the larger-than-life installation. (Artist Bruce Nauman first proposed the work in 1969.) Petrea Burchard over at Pasadena Daily Photo has a good explainer for that a-ha! moment.

Pasadena POPS will move to new venue, in Pasadena, for 2010 season


Culture Monster reported early this morning that the Pasadena POPS will move from Descanso Gardens, where they’ve played for the past 12 years, to a lawn near the Rose Bowl.


The rendering at right, photographed by Keith Birmingham, shows what the new venue adjacent to the Rose Bowl will look like.

The POPS — along with musical director Rachael Worby — return to its namesake city for the 2010 season, starting on June 19 with a fireworks concert.

The Star-News has a gallery of photos from the press conference Friday.


The bottom photo at right, taken in 1996, shows Victor Vener conducting the Pasadena POPS during an evening summer picnic at Descanso Gardens.

(File photos)