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It’ll be all hands on deck this Saturday for our wonderful team of staff photographers. The Pasadena Star-News/Rose Magazine photographers are amazing and they always turn in beautiful parade photos every year. Bookmark this link and check out the photo galleries that should be online about an hour after the parade. In the meantime, that site has everything and anything Rose Parade- and Rose Bowl-related from the Star-News staff, so it’ll be worth your time to visit it now.
Our parade guide is also available online as a download at, or viewable as an interactive edition (link posted two entries below.)
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We wish you all a Happy New Year! For those camping out on Colorado Boulevard tomorrow night, stay safe, warm and dry!

Your guide to the 2011 Rose Parade, with floats and entries in order of appearance

Click into the interactive edition of Rose Magazine, below, for a complete viewing program guide to the 122nd Rose Parade, including the Grand Marshal, float entries, marching bands and equestrian teams, in order of appearance.

2011 Rose Queen wears a new Swarovski crystal-bedecked crown

When 2011 Rose Queen Evanne Elizabeth Friedmann was officially crowned yesterday in a ceremony at the Pasadena Convention Center, there was something extra sparkly about her, and it wasn’t just that dazzling set of chompers.
The Rose Queen this year is sporting a brand-new crown, designed by Pasadena’s own Jairo and Karen Lizarazu.
David Gordon, spokesman for the Tournament of Roses, provides some details on the royal headwear:
  • The crystal elements are Swarovski round-brilliant and baguette cuts, and the crown is finished with rhodium.
  • The six princess tiaras were designed to complement the Rose Queen’s crown.
  • It was crafted by Dina, Inc., a pageant tiara and crown manufacturer based in Cranston, R.I.
The new crown replaces one, seen at right, that was first introduced for the 2005 parade. That crown, designed by Mikimoto, was set in silver and featured 10 white South Sea pearls, 632 Akoya cultured pearls and 6.09 carats in diamonds. (It was the first Rose Queen crown to be made of truly precious materials, and it was estimated to be worth more than $100,000.)
Last year, we posted a retrospective on Rose Queen crowns through history, which you can read here.
(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)

Photos: The party’s in Pasadena, and Paula Deen is bringing the cake

47120-10-26-10-5 MARSHAL05.jpg
47123-10-26-10-5 MARSHAL08-thumb-200x300-47121.jpg
When the Tournament of Roses this morning announced Paula Deen as Grand Marshal of the 2011 Rose Parade, we just knew she’d bring the goods — the baked goods.
Take a gander at the sugar rose-petal cake she whipped up for the occasion.
The members of the Royal Court keep their eyes trained on that delectable prize, in the photo at top.
47125-10-26-10-5 MARSHAL03-thumb-200x139-47119.jpg
And the Star-News reports Deen is already serving up suggestions for your New Year’s Day party platter:
“Let me tell you, praline French toast, it’s out of this world, killer,” she said. “And some egg cups with Bearnaise sauce, or any kind of sauce.”
Check out the photo gallery from the Grand Marshal announcement.
(Photos by Sarah Reingewirtz / Staff)

Royalty in the making: 2011 Rose Queen and Court before-and-after photos


Though the big reveal was held indoors this morning due to rain, there wasn’t anything damp about spirits when Evanne Elizabeth Friedmann was announced 2011 Rose Queen.
So what happens when an average Pasadena-area high-schooler or college student is plucked out of obscurity and given a royal title?
Already, the seven chosen young women of the court have begun their official Tournament of Roses training regimen. They’ll be schooled in public speaking, leadership and modeling techniques — from descending down stairs and sitting like a lady, to tying the perfect scarf and waving like a princess. (It’s akin to putting in a lightbulb, Princess Tatyane Anaid Berrios says.)
They’ve also gone to royal beauty school, so to speak, with help from an official Macy’s wardrobe, fresh coiffures and make-up artist tips.
Check out the transformation in the before-and-after photos below, and tell us what you think. (The images on the left were shot on Oct. 11 outside the Tournament House. The images on the right were shot this morning inside the Gold Room at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.)

Rose Queen
Evanne Elizabeth Friedmann
Age: 17
Hometown: La Caada Flintridge
School: La Caada High School
Rose Princess
Tatyane Anaid Berrios
Age: 17
Hometown: Arcadia
School: Arcadia High School
Rose Princess
Sarah Christine Fredrickson
Age: 17
Hometown: Altadena
School: Maranatha High School
Rose Princess
Jessica Michelle Montoya
Age: 17
Hometown: Pasadena
School: Flintridge Preparatory School
Rose Princess
Tenaya Miyoko Senzaki
Age: 17
Hometown: Altadena
School: Pasadena High School
Rose Princess
Kathryn Morris Thomson
Age: 17
Hometown: Pasadena
School: Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy
Rose Princess
Michelle Kaye Washington
Age: 18
Hometown: Pasadena
School: Pasadena City College

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Rose Magazine wins Award of Excellence from Society for News Design

Exciting news! Rose Magazine has won an Award of Excellence in the Society for News Design’s 31st Edition Best of News Design Competition.
The award is in the category of magazines, inside features page design, for our page made entirely out of flowers and organic material in December’s Rose Parade edition.
Back in December, we chronicled on this blog the making of our Rose Magazine mini-float. To call the process laborious would be an understatement, but our design team managed to have a blast with the project. We worked late, late, late into the night, supporting each other through moments of delirium and exhaustion and outbursts of laughter.
There couldn’t be any greater validation of our efforts than recognition from the SND.
Even more exciting is the caliber of work by fellow winners in this category and the competition at large. We feel a little star-struck to be in such good company.

Save me a seat: Rose Parade madness in full effect on Colorado Blvd.


Empty chairs cast a shadow along Colorado Boulevard on Thursday afternoon, as the masses turn out to claim a spot on the Rose Parade route.


Let the Silly String/shaving cream/tortilla hijinks ensue.

(Photo by Keith Birmingham / Staff)

Scenes from the Phoenix Decorating Co. float barn



Tomorrow from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. is the last chance to see up-close the floats before they make their official debut in the 2010 Rose Parade.

You’ll get to experience the floats as they undergo the final stages of preparation at the three staging areas. Watch as the last bits of fruit, seeds, bark, grasses and flowers are applied to the floats by pros and volunteers.

Admission costs $7 for any two visits (children under 5 are free). Pre-purchase tickets online.


  • Rosemont Pavilion, 700 Seco St.
  • Brookside Pavilion, Lot I, south side of Rose Bowl Stadium (disabled accessible)
  • Rose Palace, 835 S. Raymond Ave.

At the Expo Village in Lot I, special guests from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire will also entertain and hold workshops for doll and puppet making, wheat weaving, leather working and more.


(Associated Press images: Volunteers work this week at Phoenix Decorating on the Trader Joe’s float, called “Look Ma — No Hands.”)