Shop the block: There’s plenty of EyeCandy at this modern, minimalist beauty bar in Montrose

46776-9-2-10-6 R-EYECANDY02.jpg
This ultramodern beauty bar is boiled down to an essence: It focuses entirely on beauty treatments for the face. Threading, make-up application and facials comprise the menu of options.
EyeCandy‘s expert threaders will design the perfect eyebrow arch for you, and its estheticians will create a facial treatment tailored to your skin’s needs. Owner Karolin Sahakian takes pride in her EyeCandy specialists, who each focus exclusively on an area of beauty expertise. 

On the retail side, Sahakian has also curated an exceptional array of sought-after luxury skin-care products — including brands like Natura Bisse, DermaQuest, Clarisonic and Colorescience.
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Shop the block: Verita Salon, 111 E. Lime Ave., Monrovia

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With its modernized art-deco space accented by dripping crystal pendant lights, Verita plays on the edge of luxury and elegance, while still offering that intimate small-town salon experience to puts you at ease among friends.
Verita stylists are masters of the Brazilian Blowout, a huge-right-now trend for tresses that softens and smooths curls and waves and allows you to blow-dry in a fraction of the time — so you don’t have to sacrifice either style. It’s also a gentler process and less dependent on harsh chemicals compared to other straightening formulas.
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Health by chocolate at the Pasadena Convention Center on Sunday




If you’re on a sweets-free diet, just go ahead and cancel it now.

Why? Chocolate. Wine. Enough of both to just about fill 16,000 square feet.

Sunday. Be there.

Our sugar high has already started.

Oct. 11, 11 a.m.-5 p.m., Pasadena Convention Center, 300 Green St., $25 at door, $20 advance,

(Courtesy photos)

Shop the block: Runway fashions, piercings and unmentionables on E. Green

  • 1035 E. Green, Boutique Divas

Signature pieces fill the racks at this shop that envisions itself on a Parisian sidewalk. Owner and designer Deborah Myles-Green, at top right, crams everything avant garde into her store without reservation. She says her eye for fashion starts with the runways and extends to vintage cuts. (626) 793-3222

  • 1039 E. Green, Anomaly Studios

This piercing parlor gets rave reviews from customers, and is one of the area’s safest — and friendliest — places to get jabbed with metal (really). The pros at Anomaly handle first-time ear piercings for the young’uns, as well as more complex body piercings and modifications for the older, more adventurous set. Upstairs is an airy, lofted hair salon. (626) 793-8930

  • 1045 E. Green, Risque

European lingerie brands are the domain of Ellen Sepulveda’s
unmentionables boutique. Prime finds include Betsey Johnson nighties
and the funky designer’s hard-to-find swimwear line. Another essential
item for stockpiling: Spanx, always in stock here, too. Sepulveda is
also your right-hand gal to plan a private, in-store bridal shower or
bachelorette party. (626) 796-1100

Pictured are some Rose Magazine summer-issue outtakes:

At top, Boutique Divas owner Deborah Myles-Green, who is also a fashion and shoe designer.

Second from top, Beach Joy Bikinis Swim Wear from Miami at Risque.

Third from top, Brandi Lansill of Highland Park gets her hair cut and styled by Rai Mercado of Pasadena.

Bottom, owner of Anomaly Studios Eric Anderson.

(Photos by Walt Mancini)