BLD eatery scraps plans to open second location in Pasadena

Owners of the popular West Hollywood restaurant BLD have cancelled plans to open a second location in Pasadena’s Raymond Renaissance condo building, seen at right.
Amy Knoll Fraser, co-owner and director of operations for Grace Restaurant and BLD Restaurant, confirmed the change of direction via e-mail:
“Unfortunately, it looks as if the BLD in Pasadena is not going to happen. The timing turned out to not work for us. We are now moving forward with moving our restaurant Grace Downtown which will be closer to Pasadena.”

In June 2009, Fraser told the L.A. Times’ blog Daily Dish that the eatery was expected to open by year’s end. In a September 2009 post on the same blog, progress on the Pasadena locale was “going slowly,” she said.

(File photo)