Shop the block: Rue de Mimo, 1514 Mission St., South Pasadena


The Rue De Mimo way, as they say, is to love and to be loved — in great clothes.

Mimo Boghossian and Paulette Ledyard have a spirited flair for fashion, blending urban styling with colors, shades and textures inspired by an international design sense.

Here, you’ll find one-of-a-kind collections of clothing, shoes and accessory pieces rooted in a cosmopolitan sensibility, and with a dash of bright whimsy. Rue de Mimo’s hand-curated assemblages — which manage to be both chic and full of winning personality —  are designed for the sophisticated belle.

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Shop the block: Camille DePedrini, 1516 Mission St., South Pasadena


For special occasions, there is a haven for weary shoppers called Camille DePedrini, its owner the namesake. Camille has a message for the huddled masses: “Shopping should be enjoyed,” she proclaims.

Her boutique is a beacon of hope, filled with natural light, playful garments and sophisticated textures. A designer with a background in wedding gowns, formal wear and even millinery, Camille’s know-how translates into a sense of permeating calm.

Camille encourages shoppers to bring in fashion pieces they already have, so she can mix, match and get the most mileage out of your new finds.

Camille and her staff also make the casual-to-dressy transition feel effortless.

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David Jonason’s prescient ‘California Skies’ on display in South Pasadena



On any other day, we’d talk about artist David Jonason‘s penchant for stylized cubism — an aesthetic he’s most known for applying to architecture.

But Jonason has now turned his eye toward landscapes, and today his images of clouds hovering gloriously over local landmarks remind us of only one thing. (The billowing. The looming. The sense of spreading gray mass and creeping orange glow. Tell us you don’t see it.)

That resemblance shouldn’t stop you from checking out his stellar exhibition of 15 paintings in South Pasadena. (Hum it now, a la The Piano Man: “He didn’t start the fire.”)


Jonason told the Star-News:

“I like cumulonimbus (clouds) a lot. They remind me a lot of
tall buildings — tall and dense, they have a big, heroic quality.
Architecture is all about volume and I apply that to the landscapes. At
the same time, I’m trying to get the spiritual, transcendental quality
I feel in landscapes.”

“California Skies” is on display through Sept. 12 at Michael Hollis Fine Art, 238 Pasadena Ave., South Pasadena. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. (626) 441-4333

Above, “San Gabriels with Clouds,” oil on canvas. At left, “Colorado Bridge,” oil on canvas.

(Courtesy photos)

Pasadena area real-estate roundup


  • Take up residence in a “posh principality” — aka San Marino. A 1936 ranch house being sold as-is, and you have to see this photo gallery (via CurbedLA).

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